Volvo 360c Concept

The Volvo 360c self-driving car concept made its debut and boasts an electric powertrain and a lounge-like area akin to Ikea. One day, Volvo thinks it could displace short-distance air travel.

Battery-electric cars are leaving sales of traditional hybrids behind, but it’s not the best news. Gas and emissions savings could be much higher if more hybrids continued replacing conventional cars.

Ford requested an exemption for upcoming electric-car noise regulations for its police vehicles. In 2020, electric cars will be required to make noise under 19 mph, but Ford wants its police cruisers to keep things silent to sneak up on criminals.

Volvo has proposed standardizing self-driving car communications. The Swedish make wants to ensure human drivers understand a self-driving car’s next move regardless of the brand.

Finally, ahead of its passenger-car cull, Ford has cut national advertising for sedans and hatchbacks. Soon, the automaker will sell only crossovers, SUVs, and pickups.