The University of Oxford’s Museum

The Dinosaur Gallery is located on the ground floor of the Oxford Museum of Natural History. Photograph: Ozeye/Flickr/CC BY-SA 3.0. Dinosaurs are really amazing, but natural history museums contain — and do — far more than show off the wonders of these animals.

Today’s “Museum Monday” video tags along with several employees at the University of Oxford’s Museum of Natural History.

As we follow them, we catch a glimpse of the many, varied, roles of a Natural History Museum within its local and scientific communities: public outreach and public education; providing young people with hands-on experience for how scientists do basic lab-based research; documenting and conserving the collections and making them freely available to the scientific community, artists, photographers and others for research and educational purposes.

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In this video, we also watch museum researchers use the latest modern technologies from laser scanning and high-tech photography to dentists’ drills and paintbrushes to uncover the stories contained within millions of animal, plant and mineral specimens.