The Traveler Photo

Polar Bear Cubs, Manitoba. Photograph by Meril Darees. Twin polar bear cubs frolic on the snow near Churchill, Manitoba, a town on the west shore of Hudson Bay known for the bears that gather there in fall. The animals are tailor-made for the inhospitable environment, with a thick coat of insulated fur covering a warming layer of fat.

Theyyam Performer, India. Photograph by Rafal Ziejewski. A dancer prepares for the Theyyam performance in the town of Kasaragod, India. Theyyam is a popular ritual dance form in northern Kerala that worships a a range of deities. It can take several hours to paint each face.

Sinking Tree, New Zealand. Photograph by Paul Reiffer. Pastel hues surround a tree half submerged in Lake Wanaka, Otago, New Zealand. The lake is the country’s fourth largest and is protected by special legislation due to its natural, unmodified shoreline.

Charles River Rower, Boston. Photograph by Bimal Nepal. A rower takes a sunrise sally on the Charles River, the waterway that slices through Boston, separating it from Cambridge. The early morning is a popular time for rowing, sculling, kayaking, and other activities.

Dolphins Feeding, Bahamas. Photograph by Nadia Aly. Captured in an ethereal shower of sunshine, a pod of dolphins feeds in the waters of Bimini, the westernmost district of the Bahamas. “The moment was magical when they all came up at once,” writes photographer Nadia Aly. “It was overwhelmingly beautiful.”