The Last Supermoon in Pictures

Rising in the sky above the domes of the Smolny Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Photograph: Dmitry Lovetsky/AP. This full moon marks the third in a trilogy of supermoons this summer. July and August’s full moons both fell during the moon’s perigee – when it was at the closest point in its orbit to Earth. It is also a harvest moon, which rises around the same time that the sun sets, giving the moon a reddened, swollen appearance. This was welcome in an agrarian era when farmers worked late into the night trying to harvest their crops before frost set in

Peeking out from behind a layer of clouds and smoke from nearby wildfires over the Willamette Valley near Eugene, Oregon. Photograph: Chris Pietsch/AP

The moon shines behind the Lanterns at the Wonderland mid-autumn festival at Victoria Park in Hong Kong, China. Photograph: Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images.

The full moon next to the red star on a building in central Minsk, Belarus. Photograph: Maxim Malinovsky/AFP/Getty Images

The setting sun illuminates cumulus clouds as full moon rises in Apfeltrang, southern Germany. Photograph: Karl-josef Hildenbrand/AFP/Getty Images