The Bioblitz Dance

Doing the Bioblitz Dance is a great way to celebrate the outdoors, the Bioblitz event, and the National Park Service’s upcoming centennial anniversary! The Bioblitz Dance’s origins start with Rue Mapp, the founder and CEO of the group called Outdoor Afro. She invited me and my California Conservation Corps members to participate in the 2014 National Geographic Bioblitz and Biodiversity Festival at Golden Gate National Recreation Area. To say that we danced for joy at being included in this celebration of National Parks would not be an overstatement. We in fact created a dance specifically for the event. We called it the Bioblitz Dance.

We uploaded the original Bioblitz Dance video (above) two weeks prior to the Bioblitz event and were surprised about how many kids saw it and learned the moves. On the day of the event, dozens of those students joined us onstage and did the Bioblitz Dance with us. And since then, we’ve received over twenty Bioblitz Dance video responses from Romania to Africa and all over the United States.

We would love for you to join us in celebration of National Geographic’s Bioblitz and the National Park Service by doing your own Bioblitz Dance in the great outdoors! Record your dance and upload it to Youtube with the title: “The Bioblitz Dance.” And remember to obey the one rule of the Bioblitz Dance: It must be done outdoors.