NASA’s Photos Of Earth

Sahara Desert. Credit: Scott Kelly. We live in a blessed age. We can access almost any sort of information we want instantly, see videos on whatever we feel like, experience the world without leaving the couch. And although we haven’t started our exploration of the stars in earnest, we have the venerable NASA and the International Space Station taking awesome high-res images of our planet for us to gaze back at in awe. 

That combined with the astronauts regularly tweeting awesome images of their time up there gives us a huge repository of photos of our planet and space in equal measures. We decided it would be cool to find some of the best images out there in celebration of the people up there right now, and those who put them there.

The Bahamas. Credit: Scott Kelly

Ice scours in the North Caspian Sea. Credit: NASA, image by Norman Kuring

Nukuoro Atoll. Credit: NASA