Mammal Society Photographer

Polecat by Richard Bowler Winner of the Mammals on our Doorstep category Taken in north Wales.  Surfing the weir by Paul Dibben. Runner-up photo in the Mammals on our Doorstep category. Taken taken on the river Stour.
‘As the otter moved toward the weir at the far side I quickly made my way along the bank until I was level with the weir, getting low down I managed to get a great angle as the otter summited it. The photo really shows how sleek the otters are, perfectly suited to their watery environment.’

Catch of the day by Paul Dibben. Winner of the A Brief Encounter category.

‘This male otter appeared from nowhere and quickly started fishing in the fast-flowing current of the swollen winter river. My brother alerted me when he surfaced with a huge fish. I could not believe the size of his catch, its head being nearly as large as the otters, the fish was later confirmed to be a very large chub.’

Red Dawn by Mark Eastment

Winning photograph of the Mammals in our Landscapes category. Red deer rutting in Ashton Court park, Bristol, as the sun rises above the mist.

Bank vole by Sarah Darnell.

Runner-up in the A Brief Encounter category. ‘I have been joined by one brave little vole, who I have nicknamed Little Jack Horner, who is now bold enough to sit in the corner of my hide space and tuck into a fresh plum or two.’