Lucky Knot Bridge

In October 2016, the Lucky Knot Bridge was unveiled in China. Designed by NEXT architects, the new pedestrian bridge is part of their continuing series of unique bridges around the world. Located in the megacity of Changsha, the bridge was selected by CNN as one of the ‘most spectacular bridges that break the mold’.

In 2013, NEXT was invited to take part in an international competition to design a new bridge to be constructed over the Dragon King Harbour River in Changsha’s rapidly developing ‘New Lake District’. NEXT’s teams in Amsterdam and Beijing collaborated to come up with the winning design.

The bridge is 185m long and 24m high and connects multiple levels at different heights (the river banks, the road, the park, and the interconnections between them). The final shape of the bridge is the result of ‘knotting’ all these routes together. The design was inspired by the Mobius ring, as well as the traditional decorative knot-tying of Chinese folk art where the knot symbolises luck and prosperity.

As well as its unique design, the bridge provides a spectacular view of the river, Meixi lake, the city itself and the surrounding mountain range. To further attract visitors, the bridge is fitted with an LED lightshow.

By: NEXT Architects

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