Beautiful Sea Creatures

Flickr/Alexander Semenov. Russian marine biologist Alexander Semenov, head of the dive team at Moscow State University’s White Sea Biological Station, has devoted his career to discovering, and photographing, rare oceanic creatures. And in hopes of sharing his knowledge about mysterious underwater organisms with the world, Semenov shares his stunning imagery on social media and in real life via lectures and exhibitions.

“To date, we have studied less than five per cent of the ocean,” his website states. “I have the chance to explore this unseen realm, along with other scientists and adventurers and not only discover all this hidden beauty in the deep, but to share everything with you.”

And beautiful they are! Semenov’s photographs reveal some of the strange, exquisite alienlike life living under the sea—and these pictures are only the beginning, he says. Semenov is also leading the forthcoming Aquatilis Expedition, a three-year-long research trip on which he and his colleagues will study organisms that live 300 feet below the water’s surface, 80 percent of which, Semenov estimates, remain undiscovered.