Animals in the News

Photograph: Uncredited/AP. Tiger hunts used to be a thing of the past. But on Wednesday, a Frenchwoman claimed to have seen one walking near a supermarket on the outskirts of Montévrain, a village just east of Paris. Here’s the terrible photo. A full-scale tiger hunt is under way.

Photograph: ED GEORGE/Getty Images/National Geographic. The Discovery Channel has caused a public outcry over Eaten Alive, a soon-to-

air show in which presenter Paul Rosolie dons a snake-proof suit and feeds himself to an anaconda. An online petition has generated some 30,000 signatures objecting to the broadcast.

Photograph: Georgette Douwma/Getty Images. The Convention on Migratory Species conference in Ecuador came to an end this week, with

greater protection for many migratory species, notably sharks. Activists took the opportunity to sign an online petition calling upon the Ecuadorian government to permanently outlaw the use of long-lining and other non-selective fishing methods in the Galapagos Marine Reserve.

Photograph: Nicole Duplaix/Getty Images/National Geographic. Giant otters have a vocal repertoire more complex than other otters, with

adults producing some 22 distinct vocalization types, according to a study in PLOS ONE. One of the calls is referred to as the “hah!”, which giant otters use as a warning or to indicate submission.