2 Jaguars born at Pennsylvania Zoo

Photo: Elmwood Park Zoo/Facebook. These two jaguar cubs were born at the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on Jan. 24, and the zookeepers didn’t entirely expect the cubs were on their way. The cubs’ parents, mother Inka and father Zean, were first-timers when it came to mating attempts with each other, so zoo officials did not expect a pregnancy.

Zookeepers have worked hard to make sure that Inka and her cubs are doing well by keeping them under constant observation. Inka has proven to be such an attentive mother that their human keepers couldn’t get access to the cubs to examine them until nearly a week after they were born. The cubs are nursing for long periods and are very vocal, both good signs for their health.

The zoo will announce the genders of the cubs on Feb. 3 during an event you can watch on the zoo’s Facebook page.

By: mnn.com

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