The Wildlife Photography

Piercing Headache, by Matthew McIntosh, overall winner, AG Nature Photographer of the Year. An orange-eyed tree frog (Litoria xanthomera) is visited by mosquitoes in search of a meal crucial for future egg development. Taken in Cedar Bay national park, Queensland. Photograph: Matthew McIntosh/2016 AG Nature Photographer of the Year.

Common weasel in spring, North Yorkshire, England, taken by Robert E Fuller, British seasons winner, British Wildlife Photography Awards. Photograph: Robert E Fuller/British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016


Vadim Balakin, environmental issues winner, National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. Polar bear remains on an island in northern Svalbard, Norway. We do not know whether the bear died from starving or ageing, but starvation is more likely if the teeth are good quality. Such remains are often found today, as global warming and melting polar ice influences the polar bear population. Photograph: Vadim Balakin/2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year

Grey langurs play in the evening light of Bandipur national park, Karnataka, India. Vijayan travelled from Canada to India to photograph tigers and leopards. After a day on safari with no sight of the big cats, his attention was caught by a group of grey langurs playing on a nearby tree. Photograph: Thomas Vijayan/Natural History Museum