The kitten Komodo

Little Komodo could have been killed by the large lizard Credit: facebook/humane society of North Texas. Atiny, terrified kitten was rescued from a horrible fate after being found in a komodo dragon enclosure. The kitten, now named Komodo after where it was found, was rescued by a zookeeper at Fort Worth Zoo in Texas and taken to a local animal shelter. The Humane Society of North Texas is looking after the kitten as it recuperates. It is unclear how the little creature ended up in the exhibit, which housed a poisonous, giant lizard. 

The kitten appears to be about a month old, and therefore not old enough for adoption. The animal shelter wrote on Facebook: “Yesterday we had a first for HSNT! This little kitten was found by the zookeeper, in the cage of the Komodo Dragon at Fort Worth Zoo and brought to HSNT for care. “This feisty little girl was luckily, unharmed, she is quite a survivor! Now named Komodo, she is in foster care till she gets big enough for adoption!”

It seems as though the komodo dragon and Komodo the kitten did not interact, as the cat is unharmed. Officials were unclear as to how the kitten got into the lizard’s den on Saturday, but there are stray cats in Forest Park near the zoo, Alexis Wilson, Fort Worth Zoo spokesman told the Star-Telegram. According to Ms Wilson, stray cats are sometimes found at the zoo, and when caught are taken to the Humane Society. 

Komodo dragons are the heaviest lizards on Earth. They will eat almost anything, including carrion, deer, pigs, smaller dragons, and even large water buffalo and humans. As well as their large muscles, powerful jaws and serrated, shark-like teeth, komodo dragons have deadly saliva. Animals which escape the jaws of the large lizards do not escape death – the lizards have deadly poison in their saliva which can kill a water buffalo in 24 hours.

To save the trouble of attacking its pray, the dragon will often just bite them, then calmly follow them for a day until they drop dead of blood poisoning. Little Komodo made a very lucky escape indeed.